Stillwater Investment Group’s Acquisition Practice is built upon deeply rooted relationships within the broker, equity, and debt communities. These relationships, combined with our strong track record, lend themselves to first looks at off market acquisition targets with the capital necessary to execute on these opportunities. While working through a transaction, Stillwater offers investors a thorough due diligence practice, conservative underwriting, and objective counsel.

Once an acquisition has been completed, Stillwater’s extensive asset management expertise is utilized to implement a tailored business plan for each asset. Whether or not the investor goal is to hold a property long term or seek a timely disposition, Stillwater has the resources to minimize costs and maximize cash flow and value for the investor. Our relationships within the broker community allow us to build and maintain tenant relationships and effectively manage costs throughout the holding period.

Stillwater’s guiding objective is to maximize risk-adjusted returns for investors—we are able to do so by carefully selecting investment opportunities and executing on them with thoughtful precision.

Our range of Acquisition Services includes:

  • Deal sourcing
  • Property visits
  • Due diligence
  • Analysis and valuation
  • Investment strategy
  • Property and land
  • Lender coordination and negotiation